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Real Estate Careers    

  1. Are you paying for an office that you never use or need?
  2. Is your split so low that you cannot afford to market yourself making it hard to build your career in real estate sales?
  3. When was the last time you received a sign call?  We get about 3 a week on each listing! Many leading to new business!  With Kane you will get every one of your calls! We will not sell or give them to other agents, they are yours!
  4. Do you get your web leads?  You will get all your website leads! I guess what we are trying to say is that we feel like your leads are yours and we will make sure you get every-one!
  5. Are you paying monthly fees?  No monthly fees at Kane Company Realty!

You see at Kane Company Realty we want you to be successful in your real estate sales career!  Call (804) 551-1920 for a confidential meeting…

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