Land Sales & Development

Looking to purchase land to build your custom home or even sell a site we can help with all your land sales needs. With years of experience in new home construction we know how to help you choose and purchase the perfect home-site!

Large Parcel Land Sales 

If you are considering selling a piece of land for possible development first you should speak with our Development Specialist regarding any type of land sales.  We will do the homework on the property giving you the tools to make an educated decision on how you should market and sell the property.  This we do while looking out for your best interest not some outside developer!

How to Sell My Farm?

Whether you want to sell a farm in Mechanicsville or sell  farm land in Chesterfield we can help!  We will look at all aspects of your property to ensure it is marketed in a way that gives you the highest return on your sale.

What should I really consider when preparing to sell land?

When you decide to sell your land you must be very careful in who you get your information regarding it’s actual market value.  In many cases developers and or their agents may not disclose to you the lands true market value.  This they do in hopes that they will increase their profits by taking advantage of your knowledge regarding the develop possibilities of your land.  Our organization represents land owners and or individual buyers not developers!

A mistake at this stage could cost you thousands if not millions of dollars!  So please before you make any decisions give us a call at 804-551-1920 for our free no obligation consultation services or fill out our contact form below…

Land Sales and Land development
Land Development Services we can make sure you get the most for your land!

How do I figure out what my land is worth?

Contact us today for a free evaluation regarding your needs in land sales, purchases and or development.  Call us at 804-307-9068

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Contact us If you need to sell a large parcel of land or even purchase a site to build your new home we can help get you top price for your land and even purchase the perfect home site for your new custom home!  We can even help you sell a farm or  just let you know your options!  Even get help selling your existing home!  Buying selling or building we can help!  So please remember if you need help to sell land, buy land, develop property, sell a farm, in Mechanicsville or any real estate services please call us at 804-551-1920